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Updates - 9/21/18

Here are few updates for this week:

Equipment- We are noticing some screws starting to come off of helmets. Please take a few minutes to make sure the screws and snaps are tight on the helmets.  Also, check to make sure everything is in place on the shoulder pads. These are your child's tools needed to play football, they need the tools to be in good repair.  

Games - It is working well having teams on one side and fans on the other for games. We would ask that you stay 6 feet back on the sideline. We are trying to make sure the kids stay safe if there is a play on the sidelines. Also, please remember to pick up your garbage and belongings.  We do have some items in our lost and found.  Come to the main concession area if you are looking for something you left behind.

Practices- Please be timely in picking your players up from practice. As daylight is shrinking away, you should be to the fields now 15 minutes before practice ends for pickup.  Practice times will most likely be adjusted the last few weeks as we are getting dark earlier each evening.  Remember our coaches are volunteers, please be respectful of their time.

Twitter - We now have a Twitter account for Youth Football. You can find us at: GFYouthFB
We will use this to post important announcements in addition to posting on our website.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:


Updates - Week of Sept. 3- 9

Here are the weekly game schedules, picture schedules and other updates.

6th Grade Schedule -

5th Grade Schedule -

4th Grade Schedule -

Flag Football Schedule -

Each week, 6th grade will be on Fields 3, 4 & 5.  This would make parking in the lot to the east of Ulland Park the best.  5th grade will be on Field 1, 7 & 8 which makes parking in the center lot on the east side of the lot the best.  4th Grade and Flag will always be on Field 14, 15 & 16 so parking on the west side of the center lot.

Game Day Sideline

Reminder, only coaches with ID badges should be working with the players.  On game mornings, the players and coaches will be on the outfield side of the game field and all parents and fans will remain on the infield side of the game field.  




Reminder that the equipment room is open everyday that there is practice from 5-6pm.   If you have any questions, please email Nate Cunningham, Equipment Manager at

Payment of Fees

The Greater Grand Forks Youth Football board has decided that we will only accept two forms of payment going forward.  You must either pay by credit/debit card or with Cash.  Checks will NO longer be accepted.